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Newell Crane, MBA, PhD

Meet Newell Crane, PhD, MBA, of Lee Side Wellness

Dr. Newell Crane brings years of experience in the fields of medical, engineering, law enforcement, cybersecurity, and financial analysis. He is a professor of pharmacy and is the founder of four successful corporations.

Dr. Crane served as vice-president of the Ban Beard BSA Council, is a YMCA certified scuba instructor & retired Los Angeles County Sheriff.  He is married to Peggy since 1969 with three children and four grandchildren. He raised and trained two Eagle Scouts and one perfect little girl.


  • PhD, Pharmacy/Business, Hospital Research - Pepperdine University
    Dissertation Topic: Drug Cost & Efficacy in a Hospital Setting
  • MBA - Pepperdine University
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology - Pepperdine University
  • Associate of Arts - Los Angeles Pierce College


  • Lee Side Wellness, LLC - Founder & Managing Member
  • Emergent Network Defense, Inc. - Founder & Member of the Board
  • Cold Jet, LLC - Founder
  • Del Crane Medical - Founder 
  • Searle Pharmaceuticals - Sales, Management & Research
  • Los Angeles County, Malibu Station - Deputy Sheriff