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Lee Side Wellness, LLC

Our Philosophy & Approach

"Lee Side" is a traditional nautical term which refers to the side of a ship or land that is sheltered from the wind or storm. The term "lee" itself means "shelter." Thus, as the waves swell and the winds buffet, all is well on the leeward front.

And so it is at Lee Side Wellness, LLC - empathic psychiatric services. The mission of Lee Side Wellness is to be that safe haven, that lighthouse, that "lee side" of life's vessel which provides safety and promotes wellness in the midst of our storms. We at Lee Side recognize that life can be hard, mental illness and addictions happen, often prompting us to reach out for professional support through the medium of psychotherapy and psychotropic medicine.

Like the World Health Organization, Lee Side Wellness views mental health to be that "state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community" (www.who.int). That sounds easy enough, but due to stigma, discrimination, and other mental healthcare barriers, emotional wellness is frequently inhibited.

That's where we at Lee Side come in... The clinicians at Lee Side Wellness feel it is our life's calling to be there for our patients, navigating them through these complicated and potentially treacherous waters. Our approach to mental wellness is deeply influenced by two simple ideas: no one is truly alone, and we are better together. If you are reading this mission statement there is a strong chance you or someone you love is in a period of doubt, stress, or trial. So whether here or someplace else, we encourage you to embrace one of the hardest, yet bravest choices you may ever make… extend your hand for help. Our hope is that you will allow us to come alongside you and guide your "ship" back to harbor, safe and sound.

Know this, help and healing are real and readily available. There is always hope, and there is always strength enough - together - to rise above the pain. Let us guide you back to the lee side of life!