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Pharmacogenomics (PGx)

What is PGx?

Carrie Snelling, RPH, CDP, with Lee Side Wellness
Carrie Snelling, RPH, CDP

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is the study of how genes affect a person’s response to medications. PGx combines the study of how medications affect our bodies (pharmacology) with the study of our genes and their functions (genomics) to identify effective, safe medications and doses for patients. Extensive research has shown that treatment outcomes are drastically improved when PGx testing is used to guide clinical decisions.

Lee Side primarily utilizes the OneOme test. Co-founded with the Mayo Clinic, the OneOme Right Med test examines your genetic profile and provides a clinical report. That report can then be interpreted by our own highly trained Lee Side Wellness pharmacist, Carrie Snelling RPH, to provide you with the most succinct and personalized treatment recommendations. After receiving your report and meeting with our pharmacist, you and your nurse practitioner can decide the most appropriate clinical regimen for you, minimizing time spent on unsuccessful medication trials.

We also offer Genesight testing, as many patients have familiarity with this type of PGx testing and it can offer specific and targeted data regarding medication metabolism. Our Lee Side Wellness pharmacist can interpret these results with a more limited scope, ultimately formulating a personalized medication plan.

Can I Use My Insurance?

Occasionally, the pharmacogenomic tests are not yet covered by the major insurance providers. However, we feel that the clinical information is invaluable and can often save you lost time and suffering. Each of the testing companies offer a special financing opportunity through the specific company’s billing department. There are two options for payment for a PGx Consultation for already established LSW patients:

Standard Test: $650 - paid at the time of initiation/test in full

  • Includes: OneOme Right Med Test, MTHFR screening, interpretation, and consultation with the Lee Side Pharmacist.
  • Appropriate for those who have never had a test, or do not wish to try to bill insurance for the test portion of the fee.

Consult Only or Insurance Option: $300 - paid at the time of initiation/test in full

  • Includes: Interpretation and consultation ONLY with the Lee Side Pharmacist .
  • The cost of your test will be billed to your insurance by OneOme directly. They will contact you and you will be responsible for 100% of the cost associated with the test once billed to insurance. There is no way for us to determine how much your insurance will/will not pay, but on average, patients with insurance pay around $250.
  • Appropriate for patients with Medicare/Medicaid, those who have already had a test on their own but want a consultation, or want to try to bill insurance for test of cost only.

Consultation for Genesight Results: $150 - paid at the time of consultation. Test itself is billed separately.

  • Includes: Personalized consultation based upon Genesight results obtained through Lee Side Wellness or from another provider

Please keep in mind, these rates above are for established LSW patients.

Outside/Non Lee Side Wellness Patient: $800 - paid at the time of initiation/test in full

  • If you are not a patient of Lee Side, we will not bill insurance for cost of test.
  • Includes: Full cost of OneOme Right Med test, MTHFR Screening, analysis of medical history, consultation with pharmacist, and collaboration with your primary care provider.