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Expert Clinicians and Immediate appointments

About Lee Side Wellness

We understand the extraordinary stress that can come from a mental health condition and the need for quick connection to a knowledgeable and trusted provider for treatment. We deliver compassionate care for those seeking mental wellness through quick access to our expert teams, pioneering treatments, and medication management. At Lee Side Wellness, you will find expert clinicians and immediate appointments.

Man, hands and listening for therapy with a client.
Finding the right answers

Supporting Your Mental Health with Empathy and Thoughtfulness

As nurse practitioners, we’re highly educated and deeply experienced clinicians, skilled at providing medical management and therapeutic support for mental health issues. We answered a call to nursing to listen, support and help. We are driven to work diligently alongside our patients, finding the right answers to pave a smooth path towards a life that’s calmer and healthier.

trusted and proven treatment methods

Proven Solutions and Leading-Edge Innovation

Our award-winning leadership team is nationally recognized in the field of psychiatric nursing, helping to develop the next generation of nurses in this vital field. We use trusted and proven treatment methods, ongoing education and stay abreast of new research.

Male client talking with therapist
Stressed teenager talking with therapist
Finding the right treatment suited to you

Helping You Find Medication That Works

We understand the complex world of mental health medications and help our patients find the right treatment uniquely suited to them. We even offer non-invasive testing that looks at how your DNA impacts the way your body responds to mental health prescriptions. It’s called pharmacogenomics. This allows us to tailor your treatment more precisely and find solutions for you more quickly.

TMS Therapy

State-of-the-art Treatment for Depression

As one of the only practices in Southwest Ohio to offer TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) technology, we provide our patients with another effective treatment for major depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder that eases symptoms and improves mood if medications are ineffective.

Neurostar TMS Therapy Lee Side Wellness
Care on Your Terms

Our locations and scheduling options – including virtual appointments – emphasize convenience and access, so you can feel peace, calm and health faster.

Our Team

Learn more about our compassionate team of providers.

Becky Hodges, PMHNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner

Eric Adams, PMHNP-BC

Co-Owner & Chief Clinical Officer, Nurse Practitioner
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About Lee Side Wellness

About Our Name

“Lee Side” is a nautical term referring to the side of a ship sheltered from the wind and storm. When the ocean waves of life are battering and buffeting your own boat and hope seems far away, we seek to help you find a place of peace, calm, and health.

01. Our Mission

To improve the lives of those living with mental illness.

02. Our Vision

To be recognized as a leading mental wellness provider.

03. Our Values


Worthy: Everyone has intrinsic value.

Ethical: We do the right thing, always.

Compassionate: We meet you where you are.

Accessible: We’re available and approachable.

Restorative: We help give back something lost or broken.

Exceptional: We strive to provide the best in outpatient mental health care.

convenient & Easy

Contact us today to schedule an appointment in person or virtually. It’s your choice.

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