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How We Help

Lee Side Wellness provides a variety of outpatient services to our patients. Our practice began in 2016 with just one nurse practitioner who believed that there was a better way to provide mental health services. Since then, we have grown to include a diverse team of experienced nurse practitioners, psychotherapists, a pharmacist, a TMS team, and support staff. We are where we are because of our patients, and we want to make sure they are getting the best care possible. Here are some of the mental health services we provide.

Medication Management

Lee Side Wellness nurse practitioners work to assess, diagnose, and manage a variety of conditions through individualized psychotropic medication management. Psychiatric medications can treat a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and psychotic disorders.


Psychotherapy, or 'talk therapy,' can help with a variety of mental health conditions. The key to psychotherapy is compassionate conversation. Our team of experienced therapists can help you achieve recovery by offering a safe and caring counseling experience.

TMS Therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy is a proven non-drug treatment option for those suffering from depression. Major depression is a debilitating brain disorder that affects one in every ten adults, and it is often treated with medication. TMS Therapy is an alternative to antidepressant medication that is free from side effects.

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